Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Spring is here, but now it's raining; yet there is no need for - complaining

While my chicken is simmering gently, I'm drinking celery juice to fight infectious diseases and Spring Fever.

Yesterday I went to the market to buy groceries: chicken, celery, et cetera. 
Just in front of the market ther was an older man with a plastic bag and he was smoking a cigarette. 
And what I thought was: " Isn't he cool."
Thinking this, I was a little embarrassed and remembered the time, when I lit up every time I entered a cafe, what happened rather often.

Today in the afternoon I did some jogging in the park - yes to fight infectious diseases and Spring Fever. Some young girls practiced dancing to a small soundmachine, oriental style.
And for a moment I wanted to have a cigarette in my mouth. To be seen as smoking!
Now, it is rather difficult to smoke when jogging; and I did not smoke for many years, but I found this thought interesting enough to write it in my blog.
Funny, isn't it.

Hallelujah. Quit smoking and You will live.

More soon.

Yours sincererly,

Ther Smoker's Doctor

Montag, 22. Februar 2010

New Effort: Spring is coming

The dark nights were dark enough, no need to force myself to write another blog in English.
But now I try again to reach out and spread the word even outside the german speaking countries.

Hallelujah. Stop to smoke and You will live.

Rather boring to write all the time about smoking. There are enough other things to muse about. 
E.g.birds, flowers, the sun, clouds and even people.

My brother for instance, or my sister, friends, colleagues, even artists and politicians.
No, unfortunately Iam living in as country, where it is not necessary AT ALL, to communicate about politicians. We dont´have any. And those, who do think they are, are amateurs, even if they get paid.

So, what is there to write about? Birth, death and something in between?
Well, that is what I am going to do here. And I have just found my motto:

Hallelujah. Stop to smoke and You will live.

More soon!

Yours sincerely,

The Smoker´s Doctor
A. N. MD

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

VI. A downloadable Tobacco-Diary- minimalistic version!

Because it´s Christmas, here´s a downloadable, minimalistic version of a very useable Tobacco-Diary for You:

1.) To reduce one´s cigarettes or to quit it is good to know a) how many cigarettes you smoke and b) on which occasions you do this.

2.) The easier you can do that, the more likely it is , that this get´s done.

3.) That´s why I have created a minimalistic version of a Tobacco-Diary; Mr. Tom Kaisersberger of Guter Stoff has developed and shaped it further.
What Guter Stoff is You may find out here.

4.) You may  find the Tobacco-Diary also on my homepage: in: Publikationen, (publications).

I wish You a Merry Christmas!

More soon!

Your Smoker´s Doctor

A. N. MD

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

III. Count or estimate, if you don´t want to write a tobaccodiary

The Tobacco Diary is the most precise method, but not  everyone is up to it!

1.) Try to make some kind of notes
To know the Number of Cigarettes smoked per day is most important, if you want to reach any reduction. 
With very little effort and knowhow you may find some kind of  making notes or counting, that works for you. You may try little signs in your agenda,  the notes-function of your mobile, iphone has even a free cigarettecounter, you may use a little paper and pencil in your cigarettebox. Yes, a small pencil fits perfectly into your cigarette box, if you take out only one cigarette.

2.) Count the missing cigarettes in the evening
If you open a new box in ther morning, you may count the remaining cigarettes in the evening. 20 minus the remaining cigarettes equals the numer of smoked cigarettes. In addition to this you have to know the number of boxes per day. It´s easy, isn´t it?
3.) Only in very exceptional situations you should rely on estimations, like desasters or heavy parties.
4.) Put your numbers per day in lists and try to find out patterns.
5.) Find out strategies to reduce your numbers per day and look if they do work.

More soon!

Your Smoker´s Doctor
A. N. MD

Montag, 2. November 2009

II. How to reduce your cigarettes by Counting and Pushing your borders

You are counting your cigarettes per day and you try to keep track of them with something as a tobacco diary.
You are trying to make a difference between avoidable and unavoidable cigarettes.

1.) You reduce your cigarettes per day by avoiding the avoidables and by smoking only the necessary ones. Of course this difference is an arbitrary one amd perhaps even a pitfall, but it may be helpful. 
You can do your best by monitoring your sucess per tobacco-diary.

 2.) You push your borders in the right direction by narrowing your smoking in the categories: time, space and special situations. So you try to smoke tomorrow in less time, fewer places and you will try to avoid most embarrassing situations as smoking in the kindergarden and the intensive care unit.
Would you name some of your own embarassing situations? I would be delighted to know more, You may write some in the commentary.

I wish you lots of sucess!
More soon.

Your Smoker´s Doktor
A. N. MD

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

I. How can you cope better with tobacco?

1.) Count Your Cigarettes!

The most important keynumber for your tobacco dependence is the number of smoked cigarettes per day.
To find this out, it is useful to write a Tobacco-Diary. Thus you can get an overview over your smoking habits.

2. ) Write a Tobacco Diary or a Gusto Diary
Before You smoke a cigarette, try to write down: time, situation and people present. This is enough information to find out your smoking patterns. With these patterns in mind you can work out counter strategies.
A more elaborate version is the Gusto Diary, in which you include every single urge to smoke.
You write down every gusto to smoke, and so you can differentiate between necessary cigarettes and avoidable cigarettes.

3.) You avoid the avoidable cigarettes and you smoke only the necsessary ones.
Next time I will write about, how to choose strategies for avoiding avoidable cigarettes.

Please, give me your comment. I need  feed back to optimize this blog.

Have fun and be successful!

More very, soon.

Your Smoker´s Doctor

A. N. MD